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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Hmm. 681 songs on my iPod, it's on random shuffle, and it plays the Tori Amos version of Strange Fruit. Followed by the Billie Holiday version of Strange Fruit. Spooky little thing.

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They do this kind of thing far too often to be mere coincidence - I suspect that ipods are actually sentient.

Concur. Mine often plays two or three songs by the same band in succession (I have 2192 songs on it so far) when on shuffle. Other times, however I go from a Kate Rusby song to a Bangin' Dance Tune to a Full-on Death Metal track.

Yeah, I'm starting to feel there's something rather more intelligent than Random Shuffle going on. Now, I've got iTunes itself set to be more likely to play stuff by artists who've recently been played, rather than being random, which is nice, but even that wouldn't have chosen two different artist's versions of Strange Fruit.

Mind you, it's like a lot of Apple things, I'm finding -- it Just Works in the way you'd want it to work, and you don't have to worry about the details too much, except to wonder if they're actually using proper magic, rather than smart programming :)

PS: They've even managed to make backup and restore sexy. Check out the Time Machine demo in the OS X Leopard sneak peek...

You do realise that's a neat story idea, finding out some peice of high tech is actually something very different...

I am, in fact, about a quarter of the way through writing a short story based on this very idea :)


Great minds, fools...

Can I see it when it's done?

Yes, but don't hold your breath, because I've got no idea where it's going at the moment!

I'm trying to get hold of Tori's version of Whole Lotta Love at the moment.

Nelly'll have it, surely?

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