Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Questions Meme

In the absense of much actual content from me recently, I saw this meme and thought it might be interesting... Normal service will be resumed when my life becomes less dull

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt guilty asking a close LJ friend a question that should be obvious?

Well, here's your chance.

If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask meanything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.

Nothing off limits :)

EDIT: Anonymous posting allowed, just because I've never done it before...
Tags: meme

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