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Lyrics and Ceilings

Sugar-soaping my bedroom ceiling, I had my iTunes 5-star playlist on to keep me going. Every single time I hear Thea Gilmore’s My Beautiful Defence I think, “Wow. She’s good.” So. Anyone into good lyrics who hasn’t heard her, go listen.

In other news, my arms aren’t aching at all yet. I think that, in a corollary to The Karate Kid, it’s not just that “paint the fence” trains your muscles for blocking, it’s also that several years of holding your arms in the guard position for a few hours every week trains your muscles for “sponge the ceiling”...

My Beautiful Defence
Thea Gilmore

Hey looks like sleep is here
It’s two thirty AM, the town has been cleared and
The traffic has stopped for the minute at least
We lie like a symphony under the sheets

And earlier today you said you know girl
We’re like two different halves of two different worlds
And I said that's fine who says difference repels

Like some crackpot play or some sketch of fate
We’ve carried the scripts and the times and the dates
In each others arms and our bodies are spent
And you’ve got the role of my beautiful defence

And I spent some time trying to sum up your eyes
In a cafe in Oldham Street under Indian skies
Through the racks of your history and all the crossed lives
And you looked so sad with all those ghosts on your tail
When they claw at your skin you’re all secrets and veils you say
It’s dragging me under the riptide and I said
When the whole world comes down I’ll hold it up round your head


Maybe we can change the world it might just take a while
If we’re gonna fight our corner we’re gonna do it with style
Cos you’ve got the beauty and you’ve got the heart
And that is as good a place as any to start
You’re my beautiful defence
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