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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Decorating Hypocrisy...

...or “Where I draw my line.”

I’m a good little environmentalist. I separate my rubbish. I cycle to work. I re-use carrier bags. Heck, I’m even a fully paid-up member of Greenpeace.


I will happily and with only the merest twinge of conscience, buy and throw away three of the cheap B&Q “Value” roller and tray sets every weekend I do any decorating, for the rest of my life, if it means I never have to wash the sodding paint out of a sodding paint roller-brush thingy ever again.

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Which is worse, washing half a litre of paint down the drain with several gallons of water, or throwing away a roller? I was having environmental qualms about dumping so much paint down the drain when I decorated last week.

If it wasn't for the speed of the roller, I'd use a brush, as it produces a far superior result, with much less wastage.

Hmmm. On the other hand, if it doesn't go down the drain it's going to end up at the landfill. Painting's just quite an environmental disaster all round, really.

I wonder if Ethical Consumer have ever done a bit on paint. On the other hand, if they have it'll probably put me off painting for life.

This sounds oh so familiar! I must admit to similar behaviour myself. Part of the problem is that the B&Q "Value" roller and tray sets are so darn cheap that any good intentions (e.g. to buy better quality stuff, clean and reuse it) evaporate. One thing that does work though is to wrap things in plastic bags overnight so that they don't dry out and at least you can reuse them the next day.

Oh yeah, that's about the only use I've found for bloody Sainsbury's "non-PVC food wrap", which appears to be clingfilm, only that doesn't work.

In fact, here's a photo from the weekend :)

But it still doesn't cope with changing colours, dammit! Luckily I was only doing one wall colour, so I haven't actually done too badly on rollers, after all :)

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