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Wow! It’s a lovely day outside. And this weekend my plan is “chill out, maybe tidy up a bit, basically recover from the last few seemingly non-stop weeks.” Cool. I may wander up to Clifton Village for lunch. (Although it’ll be difficult to avoid coffee, which I’m trying to gently wean myself off for a while.) I have the strange urge to take my camera, though I don’t know why, really.

On the other hand, maybe I should go on another of my around-the-harbour walks and see what cool things there are to photograph there. I enjoy doing that.

Hmm. I like days when stuff like this is the hardest decision I have to make.

I should practise some guitar, too. Thursday’s lesson went well. In fact, it was the first half-hour of the day which did go well, but that was all composed of the kind of tedious irritation and grappling-with-life rather than swinging-through-life which is very dull to journal, so I’ll draw a veil :) I have a Greg Lake piece called The Sage to practise. Heh. And I’ve just noticed my guitar teacher’s notes at the bottom of the sheet: “From Pictures at an Exhibition, Emerson/Lake/Palmer. (Terrible album, by the way...)”

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