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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Horror Day

A few of you will have read this before, because this is an old story of mine (and slighly embarrassing to me now, as old stories tend to be.) Still, it's Friday 13th, and it's Horror Day, so I'm reposting it as the story of mine which is closest to horror, if not actually horror...

Keeping Busy

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That is very good (if a little extra spooky because of the names! *&)

Coo, ta.

Names plural? Claire, I can see -- and I use it a lot as a female character name, because every other woman I know is called Claire :) Is there a Rachel connection I'm missing?

Coo... I hadn't even noticed the date... isn't it lucky I'm not paraskavedekatriaphobic?

I remember reading that story quite some time back but had forgotten how it ended so enjoyed reading it again. It's very well written so not sure why you find it embarassing.

Any more recent stuff to share?


What a remarkably cool word :) And with my limited knowledge of Greek, I can work out what it means, because even on a beginners course, you do days of the week and (low) numbers ;)

Really, one of my reasons for reposting it was to encourage myself to finish a few others off. I've started a few but tailed off a few times, and I've got some basic (one-sentence, in a lot of cases) ideas I want to get a new story out of, too.

Oh doooo write them - you already have a guaranteed audience of one right here and I'm willing to bet there's a much bigger one than that in reality.

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