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Got back last night from a very good weekend indeed, mostly in Clovelly, visiting Steve and Ruth. The main impetus for the visit, though, was to go see The Infadels in Exeter on Saturday night. The Infadels were stunningly good, possibly because it was the last date in their tour before they take some time off to write the next album. Found that out nattering to their guitarist, whom we bumped into in the bar of the Phoenix beforehand...

Before I forget, hugely worthy of an honourable mention are local Exeter band Kolo, who were brilliant, with lovely lyrics (especially on I Bet You’re Lonely, Mad Clive, and the excellently dramatic Watch Your Back Jonny Boy.) They were also giving away free copies of their EP, and still are -- if you nip to their website you can find an email address to ask for one...

They were better than the main support band, who were kinda shown up as being in the wrong place by being sandwiched between the other two acts. Me and Steve nipped out for a drink while they were on, and apparently they got better. But the number of people who continued to join us in the bar before rushing back for The Infadels told its own story.

The Infadels you simply must see live to fully understand. It’s not that their studio albums aren’t really, really great, because they are. But I won’t pogo for so long that I feel ready just to drop dead afterwards, or still can’t walk properly two days later, after listening to an album. Fuck me, they’re brilliant. The energy, the togetherness, the connection with the audience, the manic intensity...

I would say “go see them”, but I think you’ve missed your chance for a while. Go buy the album or download some stuff or whatever, and get prepared for the next time they play near you, at least. Or a surprisingly-short-when-off-the-stage-and-bumped-into-in-the-bar bald lead singer may just come and pogo in your living room to burn some of his excess energy off. He’s probably got enough pent-up bounciness that he’ll have to get around to you sooner or later.

In other news, while the pogoing probably burned off a few thousand calories, I may still have buggered up my diet, because the full English breakfast in the New Inn in Clovelly is very good. And the Phoenix had a decent pint of Old Speckled Hen, too, which didn’t help. Damn it.

I should also not try to keep up drinking with other people, least of all people ranging in age from seventeen up. Especially not if you have to be up for 8.30 the following day to get your nice breakfast, when they can sleep in until one o’clock. The only upside of that was that I drunkenly promised to get my Tragus pierced with someone in the morning at one stage -- but then they were so hungover they didn’t make it out of bed until the afternoon, so I didn’t have to follow through on that one :)

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