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Nano Progress Notes

Hmm. Haven't made my word count tonight, but I worked late and went to karate, so that's not hugely surprising. I should have skipped my usual post-karate indulgence of watching CSI, really, and got on with it.

On the plus side, it wasn't entirely like pulling teeth tonight, I know a little bit more about one of the new characters -- although I don't actually know whether he's alive or not -- and while I've not got any favourite lines from this evening to share, there are a few little character touches here and there, and some decent enough dialogue. And the plot's vaguely moving on a bit.

I did walk to work and back today, but it didn't really help me think about the plot at all. But maybe it helped my unconscious a bit. According to more than one novelist I've interviewed, wandering around cities is quite good for getting ideas moving...
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