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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Nano progress

Well, not too bad today. I at least made my 1,666 words, just. Had a good half-hour blockage, but found (hopefully) another scene from later on that needed doing.

Right now, I seem to be losing it a bit. I've not really got much plot at all. And now I'm drifting more and more into writing disconnected stuff which may or may not join up at the end. And if it doesn't join up, I'm a bit screwed.

I may have to have a Plot Doctoring Day on Saturday. I think the main thing I'm learning here is that I'd have been far, far better off starting out with a reasonable idea of what I wanted to write, and what I wanted to write about .

I have a feeling that it's the plot/outline that are the really difficult bits for me. Character doesn't seem too hard; dialogue's easy, and I seem to have found a pretty consistent voice. But while I'm sure there are some people who can just start off with a single scene and a couple of characters in mind and go from there, I'm not sure I'm one of them. And choosing the kind of noir-y, detective-y, thriller-y style I've chosen, which is of course heavily plot-reliant, may have been a Bad Idea.

So. Tip to self for next year: practise plotting, big-time.

Oh, yeah. Favourite line of the day:

Domingo burst through the doorway. “Run!” he shouted, as he raced past me. I didn’t need telling twice, and I’d nearly caught up with him as three of the Order of the 24th Moment piled through the door and chased after us.
“What the hell’s going on?” I asked, breathlessly.
“I seem to have developed a cult following.”

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"I seem to have developed a cult following" teehee!

Hurry up and finish dammit, I wanna read it :)

Well, you're going to have to wait until at least April, I'd've thought, because National Novel Editing Month is March :) Bear in mind that the standard set for Nano novels by the end of November is "wouldn't actively make someone vomit."

Although, if it's even half-decent, I may be rearranging it long before then, and asking various people to read bits...

But why haven't you added more to the website? I read the first chapter after your first LJ post and I want to keep up with you as you write? Can you load more there?

Hush, you. If my inner editor starts thinking someone might actually be reading this tosh in the near future, he might wake up. And then the chances of me getting the next 28,000 words done would plummet...

I'll be your editor! LOL
And... send, send, SEND!

PS: Have something here to send on to you. Hopefully will manage to find a tuit on Saturday :)

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