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Thursday Progress

Okay, I may actually have broken through the pain barrier. "Never give up in week two" is the received NaNoWriMo wisdom, and I can see why. I certainly felt last week like I was in enough trouble to give up. However, I've battered my way through, and now I'm at 24,000 words, only a teensy bit behind target (yesterday being the halfway point, I should have been at 25,000. I'm hoping I'll catch up at the weekend.)

And suddenly it's getting a bit easier again. Plot possibilities are opening up to me. New characters are flowing quite nicely. No terribly funny lines tonight, but some real ideas in terms of plot have definitely turned up, and let me get on with writing some scenes rather than sitting staring at a blank screen. Cool.

I do know that the existing structure needs some serious redoing, but I'm ignoring that for the moment. I might ignore it for the next 26,000 words, too, frankly. Just getting to 50,000 will do for me, even if the beginning doesn't really go anywhere and my lead character changes sexuality for no readily explained reason halfway through :)

Anyway. A good night, so now I'm going to watch The Sopranos before I head for bed.

I stopped in the lounge doorway to admire the clean-up job so far. It had turned from an obvious den of drugs and iniquity into an obvious den of drugs and iniquity which happened temporarily to be bereft of anything worth arresting anyone for. Except perhaps the wallpaper.
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