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The Rollercoaster Continues

Well. Another bad evening. I never really got into the mood for it, and I've done less than I should have done. I have, however, at last made it to a pretty significant milestone: I'm now past the halfway mark, at just over 25,000 words. Sometimes you can write through the pain barrier, and sometimes your heart's just not in it.

Still, only a moderate amount of catching up to do this weekend; I need to catch up on two days' work as well as doing the actual two days' work for the weekend. This shouldn't be too difficult, given that I've got a pretty clear weekend ahead. And this means I've slipped by less than a day this week, which is pretty good.

The big thing I need to do is develop my plot properly. I probably need to make it a serious aim to get myself an outline, detailing the exact events as I need them to happen from start to finish of the book, plot, sub-plots and all. I may need to do some serious chopping and changing. At least now I have a reasonable idea of who my good guys are, and who my bad guys are, and all my walk-on characters have at least walked on. I made need to lose a policeman, though. I don't think I need two, and it turns out that my research chemist is far more interesting than I thought he'd be, so I think I'll develop him instead.

And I should get my plot sorted by mid-afternoon tomorrow, really. I think I'll have to spend a lot of tomorrow thinking about plot. I'll have to experiment to see how I do that best. I imagine lots of index cards being shuffled, or Post-Its being chucked on walls, or maybe just long trudging walks. Dunno. But I have to find out, I think, and sooner rather than later.

Sunday I shall go to the RWA Autumn Exhibition, as it's been a while since I've been on an "Artist's Date" and if my batteries ever needed recharging, they could definitely do with it now.

Anyway. It's just gone midnight, and my bed is calling.

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