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Small daily progress report

Okay, by the expedient of not worrying that none of my existing plot makes sense any more, and writing bits of the finale without having any idea how I'm going to get there, I at least made my wordcount for today. Ho hum. Just keep going, that's the mantra.

I think the top tip I've learned so far is that you should never finish a day's writing at a convenient point, like the end of a chapter, or a conversation, or whatever. Because if you stop while you've still got some writing in your head to put down, that's how you can get back into it tomorrow. If you foolishly stop at the end of a chapter, say, then you've got to start the next one completely cold the next day.

Favourite line of the day:

“Go on, back in the lounge, man. You know I don’t like cockneys in the kitchen. Research,” he said, “Has shown it to be a primary cause of Jamie Oliver.” He shooed us out.

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