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Going well...

Are we nearly there yet, mum? This feels like quite a long November. Still, I managed to get in more than a normal day's wordcount today, despite it being karate night. I've now written a good half (the last half) of my finale, even though I'm not entirely sure where it takes place, and I'm really really not sure about how I'm going to get everybody there.

Still, it's good, and I'm playing with interesting stylistic things, and it seems reasonably gripping, at least to me, which is why I'm actually managing to keep on writing at the moment, I suppose.

Currently at about 32,500 words, which is about 2,500 words down on where I should be at the end of week three, but hey. There's still one more weekend to go...

Thank you for the encouraging comments and suggestions, by the way, folks; I'll get around to some proper replies tomorrow, hopefully :) For now, it's half past midnight and definitely bedtime...
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