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Look, it's not about novels!

Okay, so this afternoon I wanted to get away from writing. My plans to wander around Clifton Village looking at stuff were foiled by aggressive chuggers, who annoy the hell out of me, and hail, so I came home and tried to learn a bit about iMovie, and podcasting and stuff, instead. As usual, when confronted with a need to do something musical yet quick and non-innovative, I reverted to Bob Dylan :)

(That'll only be there for a few days; I shall have to take it down lest Cap'n Bob's record company sues me...)

I didn't think it was too bad for a few hours' work.

Incidentally, if anyone on my flist does the podcast thing (maybe in iTunes?) I'd be grateful if they could check out this page and see if they can subscribe to the RSS feed and get anything useful. In addition to the above copyright theft, there's an earlier episode with a certain song about a Belgian tennis player.

At some point next year, I may be trying to do the podcasting thing, see, if I manage to put enough ideas together...

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That's wonderful. You really have a brilliant voice.

It'll do (although I'm not exactly spot-on-key here and there, but the take that made it into the movie was the one after the better one that my dad managed to Skype me right in the middle of. Grr.)

It would also have been better if I hadn't had to record the guitar and vocals separately, what with me only having the one sound input at the moment. Although I am singing and playing at the same time in the video, the audio was done again separately. New mixer should arrive this week, though; I might do something more musical next weekend to celebrate the end of NaNo and to test it out...

I've always fancied singing lessons, but I also know just how un-soundproofed this flat is, and I'm quite shy when I'm practising :) Maybe one day...

You don't need lessons. You just need confidence.

Well, lessons can help with that, too, of course :)

But really, lessons are a good thing; I know a couple of great singers, and they've both really come along leaps and bounds with some pro tuition. Although I'm not sure I've got the hair to do Mike's job...

Fundamentally, though, if I had to choose, I'd rather be able to write songs than to sing, so that's what I'll probably work on first.

There are always wigs *&)

Oooh, you've just reminded me of another Dylan piece I covered a while back. Have a listen to the latest entry I've just stuck on that test podcast page I mentioned above and you'll hear me singing rather more confidently (because I had a day or two to work on it, which always helps...)

That was quite quite lovely. Really enjoyed it. Listened/ watched twice in fact.

Hope you're bringing your guitar to the weekend?

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