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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Christmas Geekery

So. I got my minimum word count done nice and early today, and decided to take a break to chill out before trying to push on.

So, what does a geek do to chill out, coming up to Christmas?

Apparently, this (yes, sorry, more video. I know, I'm getting carried away, but hey, I seem to be on a fiddling/creative/something bender at the moment.):

Ho Ho Ho...

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That is so cool!! I want one - the tree that is :)

Heh. Well, I got it in Maplin a couple of months ago, half-price, so I guess it was left over from last year :) There are always a few to choose from, though. I'm starting to get myself a little collection together for the desk at work...

We have one which we've still to do. Now where was that...

Your latest creative bent seems to have stemmed from when you got your Macintosh (gradually ramping up!).

I hope I can be so creative if/when I order mine *&)

Oh, good, you've friended Matt! I wish that more of the miscreants (old and new) would ...

That's because Claire and I met each other before either of us (I believe) had heard of uk.misc...

Before t'internet were invented, even. *&)

I'm glad you guys are friended too though fwiw. It's cool when nice, interesting people get to know other nice,interesting people.

Well, it certainly makes life easy when it comes to stuff like this. I mean, there's a few bugs here and there, but the general experience is really quite seamless and nice and intuitive. It's definitely more of an artist's machine than anything else I've used, although I'm not sure I could really say why it feels like that...

Since I switched I'm also spending far less time pissing about trying to get the computer to work than I am just using it (although at least partly that's because I made a conscious decision to do that...)


a. What was the music?

b. What software did you use to catch the video? Cos it was obviously speeded up for most of it, and then slowed down at the end. I'm presuming it's all Mac stuff, but is it really so hard to do something similar in Windows with a web cam?

a) It was The Alice Project, who I used because they're royalty-free (from the Podsafe Music Network). You can use it for podcasts, etc, as long as you put that link there in the "shownotes", which I guess I just did :) It was the first funny song with the word Christmas in it that I found when I did a search.

b) I just used iMovie on the Mac (having imported it from my digital camera; the reason the quality's so poor is mainly because I didn't have any decent lighting...) I'm sure there's Windows stuff that could do exactly the same (Windows Movie Maker, is it? Comes free with XP, anyway.) But it's only recently I've started playing with video, so I've never tried to use Windows for it.

Love it! I just commented to a colleague how nice it is to find something that just makes you smile. Helen (the christening organiser) liked it too!

Oh and I meant to say... I'm constantly impressed by how many people I know who own a soldering iron!

*grin* Halt! I have a soldering iron, and I'm prepared to use it!

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