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Bruise Pristine

Bruise Pristine
Originally uploaded by gothick_matt.
Ow. This is what happens if all your body weight falls onto ice via your knee when travelling at high velocity.

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That's gonna hurt...

Ow. Reminds me of last year's wrist error...

I can confirm; it hurts. Saw a physio yesterday, though, and she reckoned I'd not done anything too serious to it, so it should just repair okay under its own steam...

Oooh. David sends sympathetic winces also.

Ta :)

And that was _with_ knee pads, too...

Holy Cow... I was going to say "that'll leave a bruise" but it already has!

Looks like my leg when I slipped on the top step of the swimming baths steps and my leg went between the steps and the pool side... owch :( My shin bone still hurts when I think about it.

Ooooowch! Yeah, that'll certainly hurt :(

It's throbbing and purple now, but it should go down in a couple of weeks, as the actress said to the bishop...

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