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Something just occurred to me:

I've grown a beard. I've injured my leg. This morning, I and my beard were hobbling around at work, delivering advice to my team, which included several wrong guesses along with occasional impressive intuitive leaps. I've spent the day popping pain medication while being sarcastic at people, interspersed with occasional rants about the system.

Yes. Apparently, I'm turning into Greg House.

All I need to do is get a nice cane and some cuter underlings, and my transformation will be complete :)

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Thanks for making me laugh!


Sadly, that was one of the series I intended to watch but that slipped through the net, as it were... if you hear of a channel showing series one from the start, let me know!

Bagsy I'm an underling, may not be that cute but am a big fan of the series and have been working hard to convert my brother, he's had series 1 and 2 on DVD for last two birthdays.

Oooh - wonder if he'll let me borrow them?

Heh. I would be honoured to have you for a cute underling, dear :)

When you get the cute Australian underling, can I bagsy him please? I've always had a thing about Australians :-)

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