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Back to reality

Okay. Holidays over, knee not hurting quite so badly, time to get back to normal. Today I have been to the tip and to charity shops to get rid of the Christmas tree and lots of other stuff I've been meaning to dispose of for ages, including lots of old videos.

I also bought a rather lovely old walking stick, with a silver band, from the excellent Focus On The Past secondhand shop in Clifton Village. It was pricey, but I got the nice lady to agree on a return price for it, so effectively I'm renting a vintage walking stick for a couple of weeks at quite a reasonable amount :) I don't think I really need it, but it does seem to help a bit and it's a cool thing to have while I have an excuse...

The rest of the day will be taken up by tidying the flat, which looks very like some nitwit has repeatedly been gone on holiday, then come back and emptied his suitcase into the lounge without clearing up in between. I can't understand why it looks like that, personally.

Later I may go to The Comedy Box, if I feel up to it, and see a Canadian comedian called Craig Campbell, who sounds like he should be good. Must remember to arrive a bit late so I'm not at the front, though; the last time I arrived early I ended up sharing both the stage and my jumper with a comedian. I mean, it wasn't too embarrassing, but I'd prefer to avoid that sort of thing in future...

Tomorrow it's my birthday, and I shall probably be descending on Hal and Rowly in Swindon; hopefully I can con them into letting me buy them a meal at the good Chinese place they know (they are currently a bit skint and also have imminent baby arrival, and are normally too proud to accept my paying for food. Hopefully with sleight-of-hand and it's-my-birthday-and-I'll-do-what-I-want-to assistance I'll manage to drag them out without too much argument :)

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