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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Okay, I've not done an LJ meme posting before, so I guess I should get on and do it. Especially as the first result was so great, but my favourite is no. 7:

1. Matt Needs Spaz
2. Matt needs new liver
3. Matt Needs Money
4. Matt needs Tasks
5. Matt needs a job!
6. Matt needs sponsor to get medal
7. Matt needs to have his bottom bared and a paddling needs to be administered
8. Matt needs Merch
9. Matt needs to step up tonight.
10. Matt needs a fine instrument.

Pretty odd collection, right there.

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You need look no further, I will be willing to carry out No.7 for you given the day I've had so far and the lovely mood I'm in :)

Am still wondering what Merch is though?

Heh. Well, it's not a kink I've really explored, but you know me; I'll try most things once ;-)

Merch is merchandise, often specifically the merchandising for a band, but I didn't look too hard at the results for that one, so I can't be sure *grin*.

And you can do this meme where? Is it a google thing?

Aha -- I see you found it...

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