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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Llllllloyds (and cynical email developers!)

Grr. Lloyds started sending me credit card cheques at some point last year. That annoyed me, because it's not something I'll ever use, or asked for, and I don't like the idea of cheques against any kind of account of mine being regularly sent through the post. I just shred them when they turn up.

Anyway. They had a number to phone, specially to say if you want them to stop sending them. So I phoned it. It only took about five or ten minutes to navigate through the menu system and get through to someone to ask them to stop sending me the things.

About a month later, in November, I think, I got some more credit card cheques through the post. I phoned the number again; I think I got through a bit faster, but not much. "Can you see the details of the last phone call I made to you?" starts the conversation...

So, after some reassurance that something must just have gone a bit awry the last time, they tell me it's definitely sorted now.

Guess what arrived through the post today? Yup, a sheet of four new credit card cheques. FFS.

In other Lloyds news, I got an email advert from them today for a Guaranteed Investment Account. Amusingly, though, I think it must have been put together by a slightly disgruntled employee, as the first thing I saw as it slowly loaded was the alt text for the banner graphic. It says:

"Here is another advert for something you've already got"

Heh. Hopefully not enough people will notice that for whoever it was to get fired :)

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I got an email message from HSBC last month (scrutiny of the headers indicates it's genuine). They said, in effect "We've got your email address but you haven't given us permission to use it - could you do so, please?"

When I've got a spare five minutes I'm going to write them a (paper) letter to point out the inherent irony of this message, and to reiterate that they may not contact me by email. I wonder if they'll listen this time.

Chris still hasn't got round to closing a credit card officially down yet and we're still getting cheques through for it... more fodder for the shredder along with the pre-filled in forms for new credit which are my pet hate at the moment.

along with the pre-filled in forms for new credit which are my pet hate at the moment.

Oh yes. Capital One managed to annoy me by keeping sending me credit card applications -- even though I already had a Capital One credit card. Grr.

I started to take Bill Bryson's approach with them now; if they've really annoyed me, I'll tear up the junk and return it to them in their reply-paid envelope :) I think I'm turning into a Grumpy Old Man, you know...

I used to get lots of pre-filled forms for new credit. Then I filled in the form on the mailing preference service website (http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/mpsr/ ) and they stopped!

Reminds me - probably need to do this for my new address too...

Ooooh, ta for reminding me. Although I did sign up for that ages ago, I should probably go check my preferences...

Hopefully not enough people will notice that for whoever it was to get fired :)

Errr... unlikely since I saw this yesterday...


D'oh. Oh well. I can still hope that whoever did it doesn't get fired, but I'm guessing they've at least had a bit of a talking-to by now...


I am sorry for the bad experiences you're having with Lloyds :(

I have had some response to the feedback I passed on your last bad experience, and I'd like to get in contact via email to see if you want to take things any further. I'll send an email to your gothick email address about it - I hope it's the right one.


Incidentally, despite the dates, I'd just like to reassure you that I actually wrote this entry before I read that last comment of yours from my earlier one and found out there was a Lloyds connection. I'm not attempting to use you as a complaints-handling service, honest :)

No trouble at all - I can't see something like this and not want to do something about it, and I know people who can do something about it :)

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