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Icon meme time

As gacked from shereenb:

Reply to this post and I will tell you which of your icons is my favorite. Then, post this to your journal using your own favorite icon.

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Looking like Lemmy takes some beating.

I think I like the one I can now see at the top of the page the best (though seen the dynamic nature of such things who knows what another page view will see) - the sepia one with your guitar in the foreground and you in the background.

Kewl, as the sepia with guitar is my default, because I was so happy with the picture. The Lemmy one just beat it to favourite status because of the happy memories of the day I got turned into him :)

I think I like your Ichihara Yuuko the best, but that may be because I've seen it the least, I think, so it's more interesting to the eye. Or maybe it's the colour...

Well, I guess I thought I should at some point have a female icon. Silly really, but there you go.

Go on then, oh thoughful Lemmy.


Wow, you have loads of cool ones...

Right. I like your pup, I laughed out loud at "Roswell", "Eyes" is mad, "flame" is really smart, Beaker is always splendid, Mr. Bailey just reminds me that I've only watched DVD 1 of Black Books, and your "panic" icon is brilliant.

Erm. I'll go for... Erm... "flame" for artistic merit, and "panic" for comedy and usefulness-to-LJ.

You're far too kind.

I wish I could claim creative credit, but panic came from another web forum a long, long time ago.

BTW, Read you NaNoWriMo excerpt. It's very good; have you perchance read any Joolz Denby? you have very similar styles.

Oooh, ta. Nope, never read any Joolz Denby. One for my Amazon wish list, methinks. Any particular one I should go for first?

(Obligatory on-topic reply: your "brain" icon is my favourite :))

I also think the default one is a better likeness of me nowadays than the real pic!

PS. 'Billie Morgan' is my fave.

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