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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Non-stop day

Bloody hell. Up early to drive my car to the dealer at Cribbs Causeway. Then a lift to the hospital to see my physiotherapist, who ultrasounded my knee. Walk/bus back into work, via the Borders to buy a birthday card for colleague Marianne, and a congratulations card for Kendra upstairs, who's just given birth to a little sweetie called Lily. Nip into Post Office to send off application for new passport. Arrive at work still in plenty of time to have a nice fraught day with odd meetings, a thousand strange requests for help with all sorts of things, from understanding what HTML actually is to writing awk scripts for people. Also have small skirmish with the lovely Informatica Power Center system. Leave to get hideous bus back up to Cribbs Causeway to pick up car, manage the six-mile journey in a mere hour and a half. Car has cost 200 quid because it needed new brake discs on the back and new pads all round. Bugger. Quick drive back home (but not that quick, what with the new brakes still bedding in), stopping at cashpoint to pick up money for... Guitar lesson. Drive to guitar lesson, have lesson. On way back to car, gratefully find out from text message that girl who was coming to pick up my old chest of drawers is now no longer coming. Drive to shops instead of home to buy dinner. Drive back home, have to park in different timezone from my flat because the streets are so crammed. Walk home with guitar and shopping, get home, realise I've left iPod in glove compartment, swear, walk back to car, walk back home with iPod.

Collapse gratefully in front of telly with dinner.

Feh. And there are people who willingly have days like that all the time. Me, I prefer the quiet life.

Right. Off to bed.

[EDIT: Removed aberrant apostrophes. I must have been tired :)]

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Geezuz fecking hell, Stamina Boy, that makes me just quake reading about it! I think I prefer the quiet (read inactive) life too!

Not that you are inactive, you are on my very cool folk pedestal coz of all your guitar lessons, karate, keeping fit, doing things stuff.

Heh. Less active at the moment; no karate for me until physio says so. Good news is that I can get back on the exercise bike now, at least.

Your mini needs new brakes already? Or did you not get a new-new one? (I can't remember now). If it was new then that seems awfully soon...

Nah, mine's an 03 plate, and it's got about 35,000 miles on the clock, so that seems about right.

Mate, you sound like you need a bloody big cup of tea.

Get your ass down here sometime and I'll brew you one. :-)

Anyhow, quiet life? What in blazes is one of those (says she with the daily commute to London owing to new job...)

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