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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Chillin', man

Had a very chilled day. Got up about ten, had breakfast, pottered a bit. Then went to the Riverside Garden Centre, a lovely independent place near me with its own cafe, had lunch and bought a few plants.

This was my annual "replace everything that's died since last year" trip, you see. I'm no gardener, and I don't even really have a garden. What I do have is some steps at the front and a little sunken, west-facing courtyard at the back which gets no light. And a desire to have some nice plants about the place. What this means is that around this time of year I wander around checking exactly how many blackened stumps I have lying around in pots, most of them still with the labels wrapped around them which declare things like "extremely hardy evergreen perennial; any soil; requires no light; self-watering; only a moron could kill this, basically, so if you're now looking at a blackened stump, then the chances are that this dead plant was smarter than you are", etc. Then I go and try to find even hardier things at the garden centre.

Okay, so it's not quite that bad, and the things at the front of the house (actually in the sunshine for some hours per day) have done pretty well; even the hanging basket is actually still hanging on in more ways than one. But I did have to buy a fair few bits & pieces...

So, then back to the house to pot things up and chuck things away and hose down all the mess I'd made in the process.

Then I wandered down here, to the Watershed, so I could hang out and drink coffee and use their free WiFi and work on some ideas for a story I had, which I've actually been moderately successful at. Still not much sign of a plot, though; as usual with me I have some characters and a setting shaping up, but nothing really in the way of a sequence of events, logically-connected or otherwise. This time I'm going to make sure I manage to produce a proper outline before I dive into the writing, because not doing that was what caused me a lot of gyp with the novel.

Anyway. Only about 10 minutes of battery power left on the MacBook, and I need the loo anyway, so it's time to get going, I think...

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Bear in mind that many perfectly healthy plants do a jolly good impersonation of stone dead at this time of year. Maybe move them out of the way a bit and see what happens later?

I've done that in the past, and been amazed in at least one case. However, the ones I'm getting rid of this time around are either definitely dead, or nearly there and haven't done at all well during the rest of the year, either, no matter how much attention I've lavished on them. The back courtyard is really very hard on plants; if they're at all interesting and flowery, then either the lack of sunlight or the hordes of slugs tend to get them. Much of my greenery is ivy, which is pretty indestructible, of course. I still have hopes of finding a more interesting climber that can grow well in full shade, though...

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