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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Lloyds. Grr.

Much as this may pain at least one member of my flist, I felt I should carry on the Lloyds-keep-sending-me-credit-card-cheques saga.

This, however, should hopefully be the last instalment, as, when I opened my post today to find some more credit card cheques from them, I just phoned up and cancelled the card. It seemed like it was the only sure way of stopping any more arriving (although I suppose I'll have to wait a month or two to see if that's true!)

In beautifully ironic style, they were fast to answer the phone, and courteous and efficient in closing my account; it only took about three minutes. Ho hum.

I doubt I'll manage to get another credit card with as high a credit limit on it in a hurry, but I'd never pushed it to more than a couple of grand over the last few years, anyway. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to rein my shopping habits in a bit :)

Oooh, and the comment I just found here suggests I wasn't alone in the problem, at least: "Have been in contact with Lloyds TSB for quite a few months trying to stop them sending me credit card cheques through the post. Numerous phone calls and promises to sort situation out - finally wrote to head office - definitely no more cheques through the post. Two weeks later another 4 cheques arrived they appear to be sending them out at the beginning of each month. Am now in touch with Financial Ombudsman, awaiting outcome. I have copies of all correspondence."

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The last credit card I applied for, from Smile, claimed they would match the limit on any other card, so when they gave me an unsatisfactorily low limit I phoned them up to ask for this. They required me to send a copy of the bill from the other card issuer to prove the limit, then raised the limit on their card.
So even if you haven't got the other card any more, as long as the bill isn't too stale, you ought to be able to get another with the same limit.

Cool; although as I've just said to Claire, I may still show some self-restraint and not end up going for the same limit just because I can ;)

Similarly, G and I have divested ourselves of many cards this last few months such that we could no longer buy a two bedroom terrace on credit cards *&)

I think when you've been in a position of being unable to pay the bills to live, it takes a mental shift to move away from hanging on to any means to pay 'just in case'. Just like it does to stop hoarding clothes/crap because 'they might be useful one day'. But we're getting there!

I doubt I'll manage to get another credit card with as high a credit limit on it in a hurry

You reckon? Was it over 20k then? Because getting a card with a 15k limit doesn't appear to be very hard. I know I earn a fair bit, but I'm also self employed and don't bother declaring the full whack on those applications either and only Halifax have ever reduced it when I've moved my last remaining outstanding bit from card to card following the 0% deals *&)

Egg and MNBA give you an instant online decision, Egg tell you what they will give you on screen and MBNA put a phone number on the screen to call and confirm your limit and I did so a mere 5 seconds later and they were able to respond instantly (which I thought was pretty cool!).

Neither have sent me cheques (yet in the case of MBNA to be fair).

Oh, okay, I didn't realise it was that easy these days. Or possibly back when I last applied for cards I wasn't too worried about the limit so ended up with some default value or other. On the other hand, while it might be nice to have the vague reckless possibility of going and buying a car on my credit card, it's probably safest to keep the limit down to something more sensible anyway :)

I get frustrated by trying to do this. Every time I pay a chunk onto my cards and clear them pr whatever, they up my limit. Can't be doing with ringing them every month and reducing it...

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