Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson


Hmm. Just ventured out with my cold to maybe take a few photos around Clifton Village. Five or so photos later, my camera tells me its memory is full; guess that would be because I left the memory card back in the card reader at home. D'oh.

On the other hand, I've not come far, and it's a lot colder and windier than I thought it would be, and three minutes later it started raining a bit, too. So I've retreated to the White Lion, which being a hotel bar is rather soulless and overpriced and has bad service to boot. However, (a) I love their view of the Suspension Bridge -- I'm sure it's one of the reasons they get away with being so crap; and (b) they do coffee and cake for a fiver, and have free WiFi. In a Starbucks I'd be paying a fiver for the coffee and cake and another fiver for the WiFi...

I may venture back out again later with a memory card, though; this day still has photographic potential...

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