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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Things are looking up...

Okay, so I'm still ill, but I'm feeling better. Planning on going back to work tomorrow.

Two things for today:

1) Who was it recommended Battle Royale to me? (Arline?) Watched it last night, and it was splendid, in a very, very strange way, so thanks :)

2) Given my circle of friends, I'm guessing there must be some Mac-using Nine Inch Nails fans on my flist. That being the case, did you know that they've released the latest single in GarageBand format, i.e. with the individual tracks intact, ready for remixing?

Right. Now I'm going to sit on the sofa under a duvet and find some bad TV to watch. You know that you're well enough to go back to work when you stop enjoying Murder, She Wrote...

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Hmm. Although I know Battle Royale, and it's quite a seminal work, I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone. (Not someone I liked, anyway.) I've actually never watched/read it myself, mainly due to an incredibly irritating Finn insisting on reading it during class when I was in Japan.

Snap on the ill front. Although 36hrs in a duvet is enough to drive me to work. Might not have been the best idea in the world, about 10% productivity, but it got me out of the house.

Ahh. Well, I wonder who it was, then? Hmm. I've actually suggested to LoveFilm that they add a place for people to note down who the heck recommended a film to them so that when, three years later, they finally get around to watching it, they know who to thank/blame/hit...

Yeah, I'm thinking it's definitely time to go back tomorrow. Might not go in at my usual early time, though... Mind you, I'll probably be up to my usual 10% productivity ;)

I'm also off sick at the moment.

No access to 'Murder She Wrote' though as we don't have Sky. Which is a shame as the episodes set in Jessica's home town remind me of our last trip to California (when we went to Medocino, which masquerades as 'Cabot Cove')

Get well soon... there's always Diagnosis Murder in the afternoons:-)

Thank you very much for our lovely Xmas present. We tool one of our two bird feeder poles down because I wasn't using it enough so the window-mounted one is a very welcome addition.

Big *gentle* hugs

Sorry to hear you are pooooorly, poor bunny!

RuthJ, you'll be pleased to know I didn't catch your nascent lurgy and am feeling fine - just as well as it's the manic last couple of weeks of this client contract and being off sick now would NOT go down well at all!

That's good to know. I was feeling so guilty for not phoning you up when you were on the M1 to tell you to turn round, go home and avoid the lurgy.

We really enjoyed seeing you though.

(From Kavey)
We really enjoyed it too - very relaxing!
I'm particularly envious of your proximity to the fantastic Attenborough reserve which is very cool indeed. Very jealous.

Oooh. Time to play with a Nine Inch Nails song in some attempt to make it good. (This may require some skill, as his last few records were terribly disappointing.)

Heh. When I opened up the file, I immediately had my reasons for not liking NIN very much reinforced; it just looks so clockwork; I mean everything's exactly to the bar, everything's in even numbers... And the fact that they can release an entire album in GarageBand format is quite telling in itself, bearing in mind GarageBand's lack of support for tempo change during a track :)

So, yeah, could be quite an interesting challenge. Maybe just rip the lyrics out and put them to acoustic guitar :)

Actually, that sounded rather harsh, and I'd just like to say that while I don't enjoy the music much, I have a great deal of respect for any artist who lets their music off the leash like this, and I'd very much like to see more people put GarageBand files out there...

If I knew how to give out my garageband files, I would. Then people could bash me for being uncreative, too. ha ha

Or maybe just rip EVERYTHING out but the drum beat and replace it with some sort of gastrointestinal noise. You'd get pretty much the same thing, just less depressing.

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