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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Random Acts of Thievery

Red as a red thing
Originally uploaded by gothick_matt.
I'm glad I took this photo of the flower from one of the pot plants on my front steps last week...

Because sometime in the last 24 hours, someone nicked it. Weird. All the others (including the only one in a non-cheap, non-generic pot) are still there, as seem to be everyone else's in the street. Ho hum.

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That blows goats for quarters, man.
At least you got a gorgeous picure out of the deal.

You, sir, have a charmingly elegant turn of phrase :)

I'm not so annoyed today. Flowers are, by their nature, transitory. I just hadn't expected this one to be transitory in this particular way *grin*

Probably some a**ewipe who forgot to buy flowers for his mum or girlfriend and decided it looked suitably impressive.

I've thought before about having some potted plants at the front of are house but unless they are hugely heavy they wouldn't last a minute...


I'd just love to know what actually happened, really; it's generally not the kind of thing that goes on around here (as can be evidenced by the shedloads of plants in pots on steps and windowledges up and down the street...)

I think I'll just replace it, but I might write "Stolen From..." on the bottom of the pot before I stick it out the front :)

Ha ha great idea! Write it in indelible marker pen right there on the inner pot and surely it'll be too much effort to replant it for someone so lazy and dishonest as to nick it instead of buying one!

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