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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Ugh. Remember how I said I wouldn't be moaning about my aches?

I lied.

But this isn't karate-related. I appear to be teething, again. My bottom-right wisdom tooth isn't very happy -- both of my bottom ones are impacted, and they just occasionally give me some gyp. Normally for a few days, every few months.

This is one of those days.


Maybe one day I'll get around to letting my dentist take the buggers out.

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I get that too! It's the constant dull ache that gets to me, the itching gums and the feeling like someone's hit me in the face... no wonder babies cry!

You have my symathies - I have the same problem.

Every time I sign up with a new dentist I get nagged about it. But I just don't fancy the operation. Especially as it will cost lots of money to boot.

My late dentist (he unfortunately died a few months back) was a very nice man. When I first went to see him, he did an X-ray, and then said, "Oh. Looks like those might be impacting. Tell you what, I'll pretend I didn't see that. Ahem. Would you like to sign up for this dental insurance? It doesn't cost very much, and it would cover things like getting your wisdom teeth out, if you happened to need something like that doing at some stage?"

Mind you, now I'd also get it done for free on the company, but I really don't fancy the operation, either. I've heard more than a couple of horror stories about it...

Dad got it done a number of years ago, when the medical profession was running out of ideas for what was causing an allergic reaction.

Definitely wouldn't recommend it.

(Mind you, both he and I are quite phobic of dentists - Dad had all his top teeth pulled "to prevent decay" and I had baby teeth pulled without anasthetic).

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