Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Ugh. Tired

Urgh. Been back at work a couple of days now, but I've not been getting enough sleep. I feel horrible, and will be having an early night tonight. Also don't have much time for an update, but, just briefly:

Went to the Cotswolds with Caro. Was lovely. We did lots of stuff, including cool walks and a Roman villa and a tramp around the completely gorgeous Hidcode Manor Garden, not to mention the amazing museum of mechanical music, which was cool as a cool thing (and highly recommended to any programmers who happen to be in the area...)

There are more photos than you could shake a stick at in my last few Flickr sets :)

That's it for now; will post more once I've had some sleep and am not entirely surviving on coffee...
Tags: flickr, holiday

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