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So, I'm in A Certain Charity Shop Which Will Remain Nameless To Protect The Innocent, looking for an old pair of speakers for the back garden, and I spot a Krups espresso machine on the floor by the door.
"I guess you've not had a chance to price that yet," says I.
"Oh," says the lady behind the counter, "I won't be able to price it anway. We can't sell electrical stuff; we might be held responsible if it electrocutes someone."
"Shame," I say, "It looks like a good one."
"Yes," she says. "Changing the subject entirely, would you care to make a donation to the shop? Just a couple of pounds. Completely unrelated to the coffee maker, you understand."
"Of course," I say, and drop a couple of quid into the tin.
"Thank you," says she. Then she proceeds to bag up the coffee maker, and takes it outside and leaves it on the pavement. "Of course," she says, "If you just happen to find a coffee maker in the street, that's got nothing to do with our shop, has it?"
"Of course not," I say. "Thank you for a charmingly innocent conversation. Good day."

And it is a very fine coffee maker, and it works a treat. And it's got a milk steamer thingy, and I've just made myself a cappuccino. It's not half bad for a first attempt, either :)

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