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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

A Day of Getting Stuff Done

I have the day off today.

This morning I had a very nice man in to upgrade our TV aerials, so we now all the flats have really good analogue and digital reception. I should now be able to watch stuff on Film4 with it do5in£g th*e di%gital equi*74valent o4 thI5...

I also had a not-so-nice man in from Hotpoint to grunt about my washing machine and basically tell me that there was nothing wrong with it, even though it doesn't actually seem to dry clothes any more. This was similar to my first Hotpoint experience, when they came around to tell me that the suffocatingly-strong smell of burning wiring was perfectly normal and should go away within a few washes (well, it got a bit better, but the thing still smells nasty sometimes, even now.) Feh. Think I'll be buying another brand next time.

Later on, I'll be visited by a site surveyor from Western Power Distribution to see how easy it'll be to get an additional meter put in for the communal lights and wotnot. But for now I'm chilling out in the Starbucks in Borders (about the only Starbucks I ever set foot in. I like Borders) having lunch.

On the way back I'm going to pick up a small box of chocolates for Scott and Paulina upstairs, who had to let us trample through their flat this morning to get to the roof, even though they're the only people in our flats who don't actually have a TV, so they'll get no benefit whatsoever. I used to dislike having my landlord come and do stuff like that when I was renting, so I want to make the experience as nice as possible for them :)

Erm. And that's about it. I should wander back, in case Power Man (able to survey electricity meter sites in a single bound!) arrives early...

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do5in£g th*e di%gital equi*74valent o4 thI5...
how much thought or practise does it take to make this completely intrepretable (as opposed to that word?)

seriously impressed


Heh. Virtually none. The human brain is seriously impressive when it comes to unmangling the mangled...

:-) my day involved chimney sweeps and plumbers, and lunch in a nice local cafe too.

seems like an excellent plan for the day

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