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Mmm. I'm in Boston Tea Party, having a celebratory slice of chocolate tart. is now up on teh intarwebs.

This probably bears a little explanation for those of you who haven't known me very long. For about a decade, I've been in the habit of noticing unique sentences. These are sentences which crop up (preferably) in everyday conversation, but which you're sure haven't been said before in the entire course of human history.

This is a strange hobby, to be sure, but I just plain enjoy the fact that every day, people everywhere are creating something completely new in perfectly mundane circumstances. And it's fun to watch out for unique sentences. Well, it is if you're a bit weird, anyway.

Unfortunately, I have no memory for them. I've tried writing them down every now and again, but I never really had anywhere to put them. Plus, uniqueness is quite subjective (how many times has "Don't forget to hang your toast up!" actually been said? What it needs is a bit of third-party adjudication.

So. A few weeks ago, someone apparently gave me a round tuit, and I started work on the Unique Sentence website, where we can save unique sentences for posterity, and I've just released the very first proper version of the site. This initial release has limited functionality, but you can at least browse the sentences, and if you sign up for an account, you can also add unique sentences of your own and rate other people's sentences.

If you do check it out, then there's a contact form for feedback, or you can throw comments here, or mail support <at>

Oh: quick warning: If I get my act together, there may be Google Ads appearing on the site at some point, so don't go there if you object to advertising. They'll be shuffled off into a sidebar, or sitting at the bottom of the page, though; I don't need to make money, I just want to cover my hosting costs if I can...
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