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Microphone, singing, mic

Matt Gibson, BSc, BoB

I got back home to find that Unique Sentence had been plugged on the latest Sowerby and Luff podcast. It won "Pointless Website of the Week", and I therefore won the coveted "Bachelor of Bollocks" award.

So far, according to Google Analytics, this mention has pretty much doubled my website traffic, thus putting me into double figures :)

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"Bachelor of Bollocks"

LOL, does that mean you can put BABol at the end of your name then?

*grin* I certainly intend to use my "BoB" wherever possible :)

Bullocks or not, your site still got mentioned while others didn't.
And just imagine if the traffic doubled every week.

That would be pretty stinkin' sweet!

Fantastic! Fame and noteriety wherever you go eh?

That's me. Fame and notoriety stalk me like notorious famey stalking things :)

Yay you! Bachelor of Bollocks! I'm proud to know you.

*giggle* As qualifications go, it's probably more relevant to the technology job market now than my *mumble*-year-old BSc, you know :)

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