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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Attention André!

You want to read Snow Crash, you do.

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Well, indeed. Rince and I were quite surprised that André hadn't read it, and so I wrote a note-to-self to remind him to go read it :)

What fysh girl said!

^^^ That was from Kaveypie.

Yep, I can third that. "Snow Crash" is teh roxxors. Even if you only read the opening chapter, you'll enjoy it. I'd also recommend "Diamond Age". Whilst I've kept up with his later works, I don't enjoy them quite so much - I agree with Nick - they need a damn good edit.

If you enjoy these two, then you might also enjoy "Fairyland" and "Pasquale's Angel" by Paul McAuley, as they're slightly offbeat, but in the same vein. Not sure he comes quite as close to cyberpunk as Neil Stephenson does to William Gibson, but hey. There are several good Scots authors: besides Alastair Reynolds and Iain Banks, if you're into political fiction (with a sci-fi twist), then Ken Macleod's quite good (and non-epic).

Other good authors of post-human/trans-human sci-fi in no particular order:
Neal Asher, Peter Hamilton, Charles Stross, Sean Williams, Shane Dix, Dan Simmons, Richard Morgan.

Snow lent me a good book last year, but I can't now recall who wrote it now, or indeed what the title was, but great cyberpunk. (Very grungy dystopia).

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