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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Flickr and Creative Commons

Since I licensed most of my photos on Flickr under a Creative Commons licence, I've had one used in an online news story, and just now I've received an email from a TV company (Banner Caswell) who want to use one of my photos in a forthcoming show (this one, for use in a show about colour blindness1.)

Am I just lucky, or do the rest of you Flickr-using lot get things like this quite often, too?

1 I don't even know how they found that particular photo. It's not as if it's tagged "traffic lights", or "colours", or whatever...

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I'm still such a flickr nube, but I've been staggered with the kitten pics - can you make flickr notify you if pictures are posted with a particular tag because I think there must be a community out there with it set to kitten! Doesn't matter what time I upload, there are immediately a few views on most if not all of them, and comments too from people I don't (think I) know.

I should get to grips with it more though. I'll add that to my list for 'when I get to Canada a week on Sunday and my essay is handed in and Rose Queen and all the meetings I have lined up are done' *&)

You lucky, lucky sod. If they ask about any more, point them at the bottles ones, would you?

Will do. It's for a TV health channel I've never heard of which hasn't even started yet, mind; you're not exactly missing out on fame and fortune...

Hmm. If they're a US company, they might have been searching for 'stop light' I suppose.

BTW, found this site while looking for a background image and thought of you:

Ah, I'm afraid I'm not good enough for iStockPhoto, or at least my camera isn't. They said my sample pics were too noisy. At some point I'll buy a better camera and have another go.

Nope - never had a peep from anyone, although I've never licensed mine under Creative Commons. Wonder if that makes a difference to people asking?

It probably makes a difference to people finding. If I'm looking for a photo to use in something1, I'll use Creative Commons Search, which would find my stuff and miss yours.

1 I use it for grabbing photos to use on websites I'm building, etc.

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