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Matt Gibson

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Feh. And "meh", for good measure.

I've been feeling rather crap for the last week. Today's the first day I've phoned in sick, though. My throat felt like absolute crap this morning, and I've got a nasty headache.

Just been out to have lunch (I skipped breakfast -- that's a pretty strong sign that I'm ill; I'll normally eat no matter what), and I'm glad that I took the day off work, because I'm in such a bad mood that I think I would have just annoyed everyone, including myself.

You know those moods where everything irritates you, for no readily apparent reason? It's one of those. So, I've come back from the nasty outside world, with its inconveniently-closed libraries, smokers who spark up next to you outside a cafe when you're trying to get some fresh air, Securicor armoured vans which insist on screaming at you and everyone else in a one-mile radius that they're reversing, and downpours of rain so sudden that you're soaked before you've found your umbrella.

I think I might sit in the dark and watch daytime TV for a while.


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